She Wants a Piece of You


Initial release : 1999

Big Beat 192

Recordings from between 1966 and 1970 by the all female garage band She including 5 songs are by an early version of the group, Hairem. This release is part of the Big Beat series Nuggets From The Golden State.


  • Outta Reach (Ross)
  • Like a Snake (Ross)
  • Piece of You (Ross)
  • Roll On (Ross)
  • Bad Girl (Ross)
  • Hey You (Ross)
  • Don't Leave Me Baby (Ross)
  • Braids of Hair (Ross/Volkoff)
  • Don't Go Home Tonight (Ross)
  • Not for Me (Ross)
  • When I Was a Little Girl (Ross)
  • Come on Along (Ross)
  • Bus Stop (Ross)
  • Lonely Boy of Laughter (Ross/Ross)
  • Feel Like Giving Up (Ross)
  • You Came to Me (Ross/Strawn)
  • Outta Reach (Ross)
  • Satan's Angel (Ross)
  • Boy Little Boy (Ross/Strawn)
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