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The Sheffield Pop Experience

Various Artists

Initial release : 1996

Sheffield Lab

This compilation includes a track by Tower of Power.

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Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • What Is Hip? - Tower Of Power
  • Dock of the Bay - Mayorga Lincoln
  • When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/Mockingbird - Power Of Seven
  • Any Less Than This - Michael Ruff
  • 'Til They Take My Heart Away - Clair Mario
  • Life Is What You Make It - La Mass Choir
  • Good Friends - Bill Champlin
  • Wise to the Lines - Sheffield Track Team
  • Show Your Children Love - Phil Perry
  • Good Vibrations - Freeway Philharmonic
  • I've Got the Music in Me - Thelma Houston
  • Dancing in the Street - Mona Lisa Young
  • Time Will Bring You Love - Bill Champlin
Related releases

What Is Hip? was originally released on;

  • Direct, Tower of Power, 1981