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Sing Like Scaffold

Fifty Foot Hose

Initial release : 1999

Weasel 19456

Studio material from the mid 1990's from the reformed Fifty Foot Hose.

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  • Fantasy (Blossom)
  • Volumetric Overscan
  • I Flew At The Speed Of Smell
  • 5:00 to 5:11:33
  • Cameltracks
  • Jet Lag
  • Birds
  • Picture The Sky
  • You Ruuuined Me (Bove)

Members of The Fifty Foot Hose;

  • Cork Marcheschi - echolette, twin audio generators, squeaky stick, white noise generator, theremin, spark gap, saw blades
  • Lenny Bove - bass, the tower electronique, vocals, cool suits
  • Elizabeth Perry - vocalization, lyrics
  • Walter Funk The 3rd - jokers (Ulysses and Cupid constructed by Fred 'Spaceman' Long), Bug (Tom Nunn), vocoder, hologlyphic funkaliser and other electronix
  • Reid Johnston - guitube, guitar, tools, horns, harmonium, hardware, bikewheel (Duchamp-Kitta)
  • Dean Cook - drums, cymbals
(From the CD booklet) This disc was put together over a period of 3 years. In that time there were many friends who would drop by the studio or come to a party when we were recording and join the musical madness. I want to give all of these people credit for participating in our music:
  • George Kita - bass (on Picture The Sky)
  • Charlie Cronk - drums (on Picture The Sky)
  • Fred 'Spaceman' Long - joker (Ghengis) (on You Ruuuined Me)
  • Steven Baker - bellows (on 5:11 to 5:11:33)
  • Ture Gustavson - violin (on Cameltracks)
  • Steven Harris - bippidy bops (on Cameltracks)
  • Alisa Clancy - strumming and thrumming (on Cameltracks)
  • Jonathan Youtt - strumming and thrumming (on Cameltracks)
  • Ray Espinosa - galvanized steel and thermostat
  • Cara - vocalization

  • Producer, liner notes - Cork Marcheschi
  • Co-producers - Reid Johnston, Konstantine Baranov
  • Recording engineer - Reid Johnston
  • Mixing, mastering - Konstantine Baranov
  • CD graphics - William Foster
  • Photos - Reid Johnston
  • Tray photo - Gail Butensky
  • Thanks to William Foster and Henry Elsesser for the use of their recording gear and to Beaux for the use of his half melted 3-D reverb
  • Special thanks to Louie and Aurora Marcheschi & Andrea Dance. The music in this doisc is the combined efforts of the band working together in a spirit of enjoyment and exploration