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Sing Your Dreams

Ace Of Cups

Initial release : 2020

High Moon Records

A new studio album. Bob Weir contributes vocals to the track Made For Love. Steve Kimock plays on the album.


  • Dressed in Black
  • Jai Ma
  • Put a Woman in Charge
  • Sister Ruth
  • Basic Human Needs
  • I'm on Your Side
  • Gemini
  • Boy, What'll You Do Then
  • Little White Lies
  • Waller Street Blues
  • Lucky Stars
  • Slowest River / Made for Love

  • Mary Ellen Simpson - guitar, vocals
  • Denise Kaufman - bass, vocals
  • Diane Vitalich - drums, vocals
  • Mary Gannon - vocals
Other contributors include:
  • Jackson Browne (on Slowest River)
  • Sheila E.and the Escovedo Family
  • Bakithi Kumalo
  • Steve Kimock
  • Wavy Gravy
  • Jack Casady
  • Bob Weir
  • David Freiberg

  • Producer - Dan Shea
  • Recording – Dan Shea and Ari Rios, Erin Tadena, Sheldon Brown, Kevin Smith, Dallis Craft, Bakithi Kumalo
  • Mixing – Ari Rios, Dan Shea
  • Mixing (I Am On Your Side) – Billy Whittington
  • Mastering - Emily Lazar at The Lodge, New York
  • Mastering assistant - Chris Algood
  • Art - Alex Fischer
  • Photography - Jay Blakesberg
  • Layout, design - Patrick Whalen
Recorded at:
  • Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, CA
  • Dan Shea Studios, San Rafael, CA
  • Little Mountain Studio, Novato, CA
  • Low Overhead Studios, Oakland, CA
  • Groove Masters, Santa Monica, CA
  • Bakithi Kumalo Bass Studio
High Moon Records would like to thank:
  • Jackson Browne, Wavy Gravy, Bakithi Kumalo, Steve Kimock, Jack Casady, Sheila E, Pete "Pops" Escovedo, Juan Escovedo, Peter Michael Escovedo, Juanita “Moms” Escovedo, Bob Weir, David Freiberg, Michael J. Manning, Alec Palao, Rachel Anne, Jay Blakesburg, Lenny Kaye, Jesse Jarnow, Gary Lambert, Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta, David Fricke, Rhoney Stanley, Perry Harrell, Jeep Ward, Rebecca Shapiro, Kerri Brusca, Jon ‘Mojo' Mills, Howard Wolf, Peter Kraemer, Jesse Block, Mike Somavilla & Sara Rubenstein
And a very special thanks to:
  • Ace of Cups, Dan Shea, and Ari Rios for all the love
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