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Sings And Plays Jazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals & Blues

Jesse Fuller "The Lone Cat"

Initial release : 1961

Good Time Jazz


Side A;

  • Leavin' Memphis Frisco Bound
  • Take It Slow And Easy
  • The Monkey And The Engineer
  • New Corrine
  • Guitar Blues
  • Runnin' Wild
Side B;
  • Hey Hey
  • In That Great Land
  • The Way You Treat Me
  • Down Home Waltz
  • Beat It On Down The Line
  • Buck And Wing

  • Jesse Fuller - 12-string guitar, harmonica, kazoo, cymbals, six-string bass, vocals

  • Producer - Lester Koenig
  • Engineer - Roy DuNann
  • Recorded in January and April 1958 at the Good Time Jazz studios in Los Angeles
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