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Sit Down...It's the Mojo Men

The Mojo Men

Initial release :1996

Sundazed 11032

A compilation of singles and unreleased tracks recorded for Reprise during the second part of the groups career.

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  • Whatever Happened to Happy (Bonner/Gordon)
  • Evelyn Hope (Alaimo/Errico)
  • New York City (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Flower of City (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Free Ride (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Me About You (Bonner/Gordon)
  • Sit Down, I Think I Love You (Stills)
  • Make You at Home (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Not Too Old to Start Cryin' (Alaimo/Errico)
  • What Kind of Man (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Beside Me (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Don't Leave Me Crying Like Before (Alaimo)
  • When You're in Love (Alaimo/Curcio/Errico)
  • Do the Hanky Panky (Barry/Greenwich)
  • Should I Cry (Alaimo/Errico)
  • You to Me (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Let It Be Him (Alaimo/Errico)
  • Don't Be Cruel (Blackwell/Presley)

  • Jim Alaimo - bass, vocals
  • Paul Curcio - guitar, vocals
  • Jan Errico - drums, vocals
  • Don Metchick - keyboards

  • Original producer - Lenny Waronker, David Hassinger
  • Compilation producer - Bob Irwin
  • Package Design - Jeff Smith, Janet Atkins
  • Liner Notes - Jud Cost
  • Photography - Steve Besch, Clark Besch, Paul Curcio, Jan Errico
Related releases

Thirteen of the tracks on this collection had originally been released on singles;

  • She's My Baby / Do The Hanky Panky, The Mojo Men, 1966, Reprise 0486
  • Sit Down, I Think I Love You / Don't Leave Me, The Mojo Men, 1967, Reprise 0539
  • Me About You / When You're In Love, The Mojo Men, 1968, Reprise 0580
  • What Ever Happened To Happy / Make You At Home, The Mojo Men, 1968, Reprise 0617
  • New York City / Not Too Old To Start Cryin', The Mojo Men, 1968, Reprise 0661
  • Should I Cry / You To Me, The Mojo Men, 1968, Reprise 0689
  • Don't Be Cruel / Let It Be Him, The Mojo, 1968, Reprise 0759
The remaining five tracks; Evelyn Hope, Flower of City, Free Ride, What Kind of Man and Beside Me are previously unreleased.