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Sneakers / The Rockfield Sessions

The Flamin' Groovies

Initial release : 1991

Aim Collect 1 / 2 (Subsequently released on BMG and Phantom)

The contents of the first Flamin' Groovies tracks released, the 10" Sneakers mini LP from 1968 plus the tracks recorded at the Rockfield Studios for UA in 1972.


  • Golden Clouds (Loney)
  • The Slide (Loney)
  • Prelude in a Flat to Afternoon of a Pud (Snowes)
  • I'm Drowning (Loney)
  • Babes in the Sky (Loney)
  • Love Time (Loney)
  • My Yada (Loney)
  • Married Woman (Simms)
  • Get a Shot of Rhythm & Blues (Thompson)
  • Little Queenie (Berry)
  • Slow Death (Jordan/Loney)
  • Shake Some Action (Jordan/Wilson)
  • You Tore Me Down (Jordan/Wilson)
  • Talahassee Lassie (Crewe/Picariello/Slay)

  • Cyril Jordan - guitar, vocals
  • Roy Loney - guitar, vocals
  • Tim Lynch - guitar
  • George Alexander - bass
  • Danny Mihm - drums
  • James Farrell - guitar
  • Chris Wilson - guitar, vocals
  • David Wright - drums
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I'm Drowning, Babes in the Sky, Love Time, My Yada, Golden Clouds, The Slide and Prelude in a Flat to Afternoon of a Pud were originally released on;

The remaining tracks were recorded in 1972 and have subsequently been released on a number of compilations

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