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Rob Wasserman

Initial release : 1983

Rounder 179

David Grisman produced this album and contributed to the liner notes.

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  • Thirteen (Wasserman)
  • Lima Twist (Wasserman)
  • Sunway (Wasserman)
  • Punk Sizzle (Wasserman)
  • Clare (Wasserman)
  • Lady Be Good (Gershwin/Gershwin)
  • Strumming (Wasserman)
  • Bass Blue (Wasserman)
  • Bass Space (Wasserman)
  • April Aire (Wasserman)
  • Freedom Bass Dance (Wasserman)
  • Ode To Casals (Wasserman)
  • Sara's Rainbow Song (Wasserman)

  • Rob Wasserman - bass

  • Producer - David Grisman for Dawg Productions
  • Creative Coordinator - Clare Wasserman
  • Production Coordination - Craig Miller
  • Engineer - Jim Stern (at Stern Studios)
  • Editing - Bob Shumaker
  • Mastering - Greg Fulginiti (at Artisan Sound Recorders)
  • Design, direction, photo-illustration - Thomi Wroblewski (Optic Nerve)
  • Liner Notes - David Grisman, Stephane Grappelli
  • Special thanks to - David, Clare & Sara, Craig, Al & Dina Wasserman, Augie & Nancy Blume, Allaudin Mathieu, Stephane, Phil Elwood, Cricket Lera, Thomi & Junnaa, John Stafford and the entire DGQ

This album was recorded live, without overdubs, direct to two-track.

David Grisman's liner notes are;

Rob Wasserman's solo bass is a unique new voice in the world of acoustic string music. Rob's "songs" have delighted our audiences for several years now, and the remarkable ways in which he combines melody, harmony, and rhythm never cease to amaze. These first recordings are a landmark for both Rob and the bass. For the rest of us, a lot of enjoyable listening.
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The Solo album was included in the box set;

Thirteen was included on; The album originally included a flyer for a six cassette acoustic bass tuition set that includes a contribution from David Grisman;