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Solo Acoustic

David Gans

Initial release : 2001

Perfectible Records

This release includes one song co-written by David Gans and Robert Hunter and covers of three Dead songs. In addition a number of songs refer to the Dead; Who Killed Uncle John is a comment on the Dead scene; The Minstrel is announced as a dedication to Jerry Garcia and River and Drown refers to Pigpen. For more information and to order the CD see David's Solo Acoustic web page.

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  • Ask Your Dog! (Gans)
    I Bid You Good Night (Traditional arr. Gans)
  • Return of the Grievous Angel (Parsons)
  • An American Family (Gans)
  • Down to Eugene (Page/Gans)
  • Lady With a Fan
    Terrapin Station (Hunter/Garcia)
  • River and Drown (Gans)
  • The Minstrel (Donnelly/Gans)
  • Shut Up and Listen (Hunter/Gans)
  • Sovereign Soul (Gans)
  • Normal (Mull)
  • The Nightmare (Donnelly/Gans)
    Blue Roses (Gans)
  • Black Peter (Garcia/Hunter)
    Dear Mr. Fantasy (Winwood/Capaldi/Wood)
    Trying (Gans)
  • Elvis Imitators (Goodman/Smith)
  • Brokedown Palace (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Who Killed Uncle John? (Gans)
  • Tear My Stillhouse Down (Welch)

  • David Gans - guitar, vocals

  • Cover photograph - Rita Hurault
  • Digital enhancements - Ned Lagin
  • Design - Sara Glaser
  • Recorded live on tour 1999-2000