Gordon Lightfoot

Initial release : 1999


Vassar Clements plays on one or more tracks on this 4 CD box set.


  • (Remember Me) I'm the One (Lightfoot)
  • It's Too Late, He Wins (Lightfoot)
  • For Lovin' Me (Lightfoot)
  • Early Morning Rain (Lightfoot)
  • The Way I Feel (Lightfoot)
  • Steel Rail Blues (Lightfoot)
  • A Message to the Wind (Lightfoot)
  • Song for a Winter's Night (Lightfoot)
  • Canadian Railroad Trilogy (Lightfoot)
  • Go-Go Round (Lightfoot)
  • Crossroads (Lightfoot)
  • You'll Still Be Needing Me (Lightfoot)
  • The Mountains and Maryann (Lightfoot)
  • The Last Time I Saw Her (Lightfoot)
  • Did She Mention My Name (Lightfoot)
  • Pussywillows, Cat-Tails (Lightfoot)
  • Boss Man (Lightfoot)
  • Something Very Special (Lightfoot)
  • Bitter Green (Lightfoot)
  • Affair on 8th Avenue (Lightfoot)
  • Medley: I'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon of Darkness (Lightfoot)
  • Softly [live] (Lightfoot)
  • Mama Said (Lightfoot)
  • Station Master (Lightfoot)
  • Sit Down Young Stranger (Lightfoot)
  • If You Could Read My Mind (Lightfoot)
  • Poor Little Allison (Lightfoot)
  • The Pony Man (Lightfoot)
  • Cobwebs & Dust (Lightfoot)
  • Too Much to Lose (Lightfoot)
  • Summer Side of Life (Lightfoot)
  • Cotton Jenny (Lightfoot)
  • 10 Degrees & Getting Colder (Lightfoot)
  • Nous Vivons Ensemble (Lightfoot)
  • Same Old Loverman (Lightfoot)
  • Heaven Don't Deserve Me (Lightfoot)
  • Don Quixote (Lightfoot)
  • Alberta Bound (Lightfoot)
  • Beautiful (Lightfoot)
  • Ode to Big Blue (Lightfoot)
  • Stone Cold Sober (Lightfoot)
  • Old Dan's Records (Lightfoot)
  • That Same Old Obsession (Lightfoot)
  • Lazy Mornin' (Lightfoot)
  • Hi'way Songs (Lightfoot)
  • Can't Depend on Love (Lightfoot)
  • Sundown (Lightfoot)
  • Carefree Highway (Lightfoot)
  • Seven Island Suite (Lightfoot)
  • Borderstone (Lightfoot)
  • Cold on the Shoulder (Lightfoot)
  • Now and Then (Lightfoot)
  • Rainy Day People (Lightfoot)
  • Fine as Fine Can Be (Lightfoot)
  • All the Lovely Ladies (Lightfoot)
  • Summertime Dream (Lightfoot)
  • The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Lightfoot)
  • Never Too Close (Lightfoot)
  • Betty Called Me In (Lightfoot)
  • Endless Wire (Lightfoot)
  • The Circle Is Small (Lightfoot)
  • Sea of Tranquility (Lightfoot)
  • Make Way for the Lady (Lightfoot)
  • Dream Street Rose (Lightfoot)
  • Ghosts of Cape Horn (Lightfoot)
  • Keepin' on Yearnin' (Lightfoot)
  • Canary Yellow Canoe (Lightfoot)
  • Shadows (Lightfoot)
  • She's Not the Same (Lightfoot)
  • 14 Karat Gold (Lightfoot)
  • Baby Step Back (Lightfoot)
  • In My Fashion (Lightfoot)
  • Never Say Trust Me (Lightfoot)
  • Why Should I Feel Blue (Lightfoot)
  • Someone to Believe In (Lightfoot)
  • Romance (Lightfoot)
  • Broken Dreams (Lightfoot)
  • Always on the Bright Side (Lightfoot)
  • Forgive Me Lord (Lightfoot)
  • Lifeline (Lightfoot)
  • East of Midnight (Lightfoot)
  • Morning Glory (Lightfoot)
  • A Lesson in Love (Lightfoot)
  • A Passing Ship (Lightfoot)
  • Waiting for You (Lightfoot)
  • Drink Yer Glasses Empty (Lightfoot)
  • I'll Prove My Love (Lightfoot)
  • A Painter Passing Through (Lightfoot)
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