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Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

Initial release : 1967

Kama Sutra 8060

The debut Sopwith Camel LP.


  • Hello, Hello (Kraemer/MacNiel)
  • Frantic Desolation (Kraemer/MacNiel)
  • Saga of the Low Down Let Down (Sievers)
  • Little Orphan Annie (Kraemer/MacNeil)
  • You Always Tell Me Baby (Kraemer/MacNiel)
  • Maybe in a Dream (Kraemer/MacNiel)
  • Cellophane Woman (Sievers)
  • The Things That I Could Do With You (Kraemer/MacNiel)
  • Walk in the Park (Sievers)
  • The Great Morpheum (Kraemer/MacNiel)
  • Postcard from Jamaica (Kraemer/MacNiel)
Bonus track on 1990 CD release;
  • Treadin' (Kraemer/MacNiel)
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Original cover

album cover
1973 reissue cover


  • Martin Beard - bass
  • Peter Kraemer - keyboards, flute, vocals
  • Terry MacNeil - guitar, keyboards
  • Norman Mayell - drums, sitar
  • William Sievers - guitar

  • Producer - Erik Jacobsen
  • Engineer - Val Valentin
  • Art Direction - Glen Christensen
  • Artwork - Bob Schulenberg
Related releases

Three singles were released in conjunction with this LP;

  • Hello, Hello / Treadin', Sopwith Camel, 1967, Kama Sutra KA 217
  • Postcard from Jamaica / Little Orphan Annie, Sopwith Camel, 1967, Kama Sutra KA 224
  • Saga of the Low Down Let Down / The Great Morpheum, Sopwith Camel, 1967, Kama Sutra KA 236
This LP has been reissued a number of time with different titles, including;
  • Kama Sutra Presents the Sopwith Camel in Hello Hello, Sopwith Camel, 1973, Kama Sutra KSBS 2063
  • Frantic Desolation, Sopwith Camel, 1986, Edsel ED 185
  • Hello Hello Again, Sopwith Camel, 1990, Sequel NEMCD 601
The last of these includes the CD bonus track.

Hello, Hello was included on;

Cellophane Woman was included on; Postcard From Jamaica was included on; Frantic Desolation was included on; At least one track from this album is included on;