The Soul of Many Places: The Elektra Years, 1972-1974

Iain Matthews

Initial release : 1993



  • Ol' 55 (Waits)
  • For the Second Time (Matthews)
  • Keep on Sailing (Matthews)
  • Old Man at the Mill (Matthews / Traditional)
  • A Wailing Goodbye (Matthews)
  • Shady Lies (Thompson)
  • I'll Fly Away (Brumley)
  • True Story of Amelia Earhart (Matthews)
  • Seven Bridges Road (Young)
  • Biloxi (Winchester)
  • Propinquity (Nesmith)
  • The Fault (Matthews)
  • Even the Guiding Light (Matthews)
  • I Don't Want to Talk About It (Whitten)
  • Louise (Siebel)
  • These Days (Browne)
  • Call the Tune (Matthews)
  • Poor Ditching Boy (Thompson)
  • You Fell Through My Mind (Matthews)
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