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Soul With a Capital "S": The Best of Tower of Power

Tower Of Power

Initial release : 2002


A Tower Of Power compilation of tracks from Columbia and Epic albums.


  • Attitude Dance (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Soul With a Capital "S" (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Souled Out (Castillo / Kupka / McClain)
  • So I Got to Groove (Castillo / Kupka / Matthews)
  • Diggin' on James Brown (Castillo / Kessie / Kupka)
  • Funk the Dumb Stuff (Castillo / Kupka / Prestia)
  • I Love That Girl So Much (Castillo / Kupka)
  • You Ought to Be Havin' Fun (Castillo / Kupka / Tubbs)
  • And You Know It (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now (Bartlett / Castillo / Kupka)
  • We Came to Play (Castillo / Kupka)
  • So Very Hard to Go (Castillo / Kupka)
  • You're Still a Young Man (Castillo / Kupka)
  • What Is Hip? (Castillo / Garibaldi / Kupka
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The tracks on this compilation are probably from the following albums.

You Ought To Be Havin' Fun from;

We Came To Play from; And You Know It from; Attitude Dance and Funk The Dumb Stuff from; Soul With a Capital "S" from;
  • T.O.P., Tower of Power, 1993
Souled Out and Diggin' On James Brown from; So I Got To Groove from; So Very Hard To Go, You're Still A Young Man and What Is Hip? from; I Love That Girl So Much is a previously unreleased track.

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