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Steam Powered Aereo-Takes

John Hartford

Initial release : 2002


Vassar Clements plays on this album of material that was recorded in 1971 and 1972.


  • Where the Old River Flows (Davis)
  • Ruff and Ready (Taylor)
  • Blame It on Joan (Hartford)
  • The Vamp From Back in the Goodle Days (Hartford)
  • Emanuel Cant (Hartford)
  • Bad Music (Taylor)
  • Dig a Hole (Hartford)
  • Presbyterian Guitar (Hartford)
  • Strange Old Man (Hartford)
  • Lady Jane (Hartford)
  • Oasis (Taylor)
  • Because of You (Hartford)
  • Morning Bugle (Hartford)
  • John Henry (Traditional)
  • Doin' My Time (Skinner)
  • Keep on Truckin' (Hartford)
  • Don't Ever Take Your Eyes Off the Game, Babe (Hartford)
  • Howard Hughes Blues (Hartford)

Musicians include;

  • John Hartford - banjo, guitar, vocals
  • Norman Blake - guitar, mandolin
  • Tut Taylor - dobro, mandolin, mandola
  • Vassar Clements - fiddle, mandocello
  • Randy Scruggs - bass
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