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Take My Hand

Various Artists

Initial release : 1997

Parental Stress Services

This benefit CD Includes a track by Country Joe McDonald.


  • Old Lady Come From Booster - Melanie DeMore
  • Hold On To Each Other Country Joe McDonald
  • Wonder Child - Mary Black
  • Music In My Mother's House - Ronnie Gilbert
  • Use a Napkin (Not Your Mom) - Kathy Kallick
  • Everything Possible - Jon Arterton, Jimmy Rutherford and Suede
  • Sudako (and the Paper Cranes) - Tommy Sands
  • Mess with People - Ani Defranco
  • I Think About It - Steve Seskin
  • Bridge of Love - Sandy Fry
  • Big Dirt Bed - Mare Washington
  • The Great Storm Is Over - Martin Black, Shay Black with The Black Family
  • Statue of Liberty - Peter Axtell
  • Look at the Way - Holly Near
  • First Christmas - Shay Black with The Black Family
  • Try Love - Frances Black
  • Lord Protect My Child - Maria Muldar
  • The Music of Healing - Tommy Sands
  • Ring them Bells - Mary Black and Joan Baez
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Uncertain of the source of the Country Joe song, it may be a previously unreleased version. A version of Hold On To Each Other was released on;

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