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Ultimate Collection


Initial release : 1997

Sony 488544

A compilation collecting Santana tracks from Columbia releases.

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  • Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Olatunji)
  • Evil Ways (Henry/Zack)
  • Soul Sacrifice (Areas/Brown/Carabello/Rolie/Santana/Shrieve)
  • Black Magic Woman (Green)
  • Oye Como Va (Puente)
  • Samba Pa Ti (Santana)
  • Everybody's Everything (Brown/Moss/Santana)
  • No One to Depend On (Carabello/Escovedo/Rolie)
  • Song of the Wind (Rolie/Santana/Schon)
  • Love, Devotion and Surrender (Kermode/Santana)
  • Give and Take (Coster/Santana/Shrieve)
  • Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) (Coster/Santana)
  • Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana) (Chancler/Coster/Rubinson)
  • Let the Children Play (Patillo/Santana)
  • Revelations (Coster/Santana)
  • She's Not There (Argent)
  • I'll Be Waiting (Santana)
  • Stormy (Buie/Cobb)
  • One Chain (Don't Make No Prison) (Lambert/Potter)
  • Well...All Right (Allison/Holly/Mauldin/Petty)
  • Open Invitation (Lambert/Margen/Potter/Santana/Walker)
  • Aqua Marine (Pasqua/Santana)
  • All I Ever Wanted (Ligertwood/Santana/Solberg)
  • You Know That I Love You (Ligertwood/Pasqua/Santana/Santana/Solberg)
  • Winning (Ballard)
  • The Sensitive Kind (Cale)
  • Hold On (Thomas)
  • Nowhere to Run (Ballard)
  • What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) (Bristol/Bullock/Fuqua)
  • Say It Again (Garay/Goldstein/Lapeau)
  • How Long (Patton)
  • I'm the One Who Loves You (Mayfield)
  • Veracruz (Cohen/Miles/Rolie/Santana/Thompson)
  • Gypsy Woman (Mayfield)
  • Right On (Derouen/Gaye)
  • Havana Moon (Berry)
  • Daughter of the Night (Huss/Rickfors)
  • They All Went to Mexico (Brown)
  • Jingo (Olatunji/Santana)
  • Soul Sacrifice (Areas/Brown/Carabello/Rolie/Santana/Shrieve)
  • Them Changes (Miles)
  • Samba Pa Ti (Santana)
  • Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (Green/Szabo)
  • She's Not There (Argent)
  • Esperando (Charles/Perazzo/Santana/Thompson)
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