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The Ultimate Journey

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Initial release : 1993 (possibly 1986)

See For Miles SEE 61

A UK released single CD compilation of album and singles tracks. It iincludes one track with a horn section that includes Martin Fierro.

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  • Who Do You Love (McDaniel)
  • Pride of a Man (Camp)
  • Codine (Sainte-Marie)
  • Dino's Song (Valente)
  • Gold and Silver (Duncan/Schuster)
  • Joseph's Coat (Cipollina/Gravenites)
  • Shady Grove (Wands)
  • Fresh Air (Farrow)
  • Too Far (Frieberg)
  • Stand by Me (Valenti)
  • What About Me? (Farrow)
  • Mona (Diddley)

  • Compilation producer - Colin Miles
  • Package design - Black and White Design
  • Liner Notes - Brian Hogg
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The tracks on this compilation are from the following sources.

Codine from;

Stand by Me from the single;
  • Bears / Stand By Me, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 1968, Capitol 2320
Pride of Man, Dino's Song and Gold and Silver from; Who Do You Love from the single;
  • Who Do You Love? / Which Do You Love?, Quicksilver Messenger Service, 1969, Capitol 2557
Mona from; Shady Grove, Too Far and Joseph's Coat from; Fresh Air from; What About Me? from;