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Vavona Burr

Bevis Frond

Initial release : 1999

Woronzom WOO 31

This album begins with Country Joe McDonald providing an updated version of the Fish Cheer - here entitled The Frond Cheer.


  • The Frond Cheer (Saloman)
  • Leave a Light On (Saloman)
  • Virus (Saloman)
  • Caught in the Headlights (Saloman)
  • National Drag (Saloman)
  • To the Lighthouse (Saloman)
  • Couldn't Care Less (Saloman)
  • Don Lang (Saloman)
  • You Just Don't Feel That Way About Me (Saloman)
  • Let It Ride (Saloman)
  • One Leg Sand Dance (Saloman)
  • Bulldozer (Saloman)
  • Coming Down on You (Saloman)
  • Temple Falls (Saloman)
  • Almost Like Being Alive (Saloman)
  • Looks Like Rain (Saloman)
  • In Her Eyes (Saloman)
  • Begging Bowl (Saloman)

Musicians includes;

  • Nick Saloman - all instruments
  • Country Joe McDonald - leading 'The Frond Cheer'

  • Producer - Nick Saloman
  • Recorded at the Bedrrom, Walthamstow
  • Cover painting (Biggles And His Bi-Plane) - Barry Fantoni
  • Photos - Nick Saloman, Ade Shaw
  • Thnaks to - Ade Shaw, Andy Ward, Country Joe, Tom Rapp, Bari Watts, Ric Gunther, Derek, Chris and Johnny at Backs, Mike Brown, Kevin Adam and Bryan at Flydaddy, Phil McMullen, Sabena and Andrea at IBD, Kath Harr, Andy Charles, Mick Donovan, Ronnie Harr, The Alchemysts, Jan and Deb
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