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The Very Best Of Tower of Power: The Warner Years

Tower Of Power

Initial release : 2001


A CD Tower Of Power compilation of tracks from Warner Brothers albums.


  • You Got to Funkifize (Castillo / Kupka)
  • What Happened to the World That Day? (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Down to the Nightclub (Castillo / Garibaldi / Kupka)
  • You're Still a Young Man (Castillo / Kupka)
  • What Is Hip? (Castillo / Garibaldi / Kupka)
  • So Very Hard to Go (Castillo / Kupka)
  • This Time It's Real (Bartlett / Castillo / Kupka)
  • Will I Ever Find a Love? (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Soul Vaccination (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Time Will Tell (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Below Us, All the City Lights (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Don't Change Horses (In the Middle of a Stream) (Watson / Williams)
  • Willing to Learn (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Only So Much Oil in the Ground (Castillo / Kupka)
  • I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me To (Adams / Castillo / Kupka)
  • You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous (Biner / Castillo / Kupka
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The tracks on this compilation are probably from the following albums.

You Got To Funkifize, What Happened To The World That Day?, Down To The Nightclub and You're Still A Young Man from;

What Is Hip?, So Very Hard To Go, This Time It's Real, Will I Ever Find A Love? And Soul Vaccination from; Time Will Tell, Below Us, All The City Lights and Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream) from; Willing To Learn and Only So Much Oil In The Ground from; I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me To and You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous from;
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