Very Early Joan

Joan Baez

Initial release : 1982

Vanguard VSD-79446/7

Double LP release.


  • Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (McCurdy)
  • Willie Moore (Traditional)
  • She's A Trouble Maker (McCoy / Ragovoy)
  • Tears In My Eyes (Marden)
  • Somebody Got Lost In A Storm (Traditional)
  • The Water Is Wide (Traditional)
  • Man Of Constant Sorrow (Traditional)
  • Freight Train (Cotten)
  • Lady Gay (Traditional)
  • Johnny Cuckoo (Traditional)
  • Lonesome Valley (Traditional)
  • The Riddle Song (Traditional)
  • Streets of Laredo (Traditional)
  • Railroad Bill (Traditional)
  • My Good Old Man (Traditional)
  • Little Darlin' (Williams)
  • In The Pines (Traditional)
  • Pilgrim Of Sorrow (Traditional)
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Seeger)
  • Rambler Gambler (Traditional)
  • Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens (Traditional)
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name (Traditional)
  • Twelve Gates To The City (Traditional)
  • Silver Dagger (Traditional)
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