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Vintage: The Very Best of Moby Grape

Moby Grape

Initial release : 1993

Columbia/Legacy 53041

A double CD compilation of tracks recorded for CBS between 1967 and 1969.


CD 1;

  • Hey Grandma (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Mr. Blues (Mosley)
  • Fall on You (Lewis)
  • 8:05 (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Come in the Morning (Mosley)
  • Omaha (Spence)
  • Naked, If I Want To (Miller)
  • Rounder (Spence)
  • Someday (Miller/Spence/Stevenson)
  • Ain't No Use (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Sitting by the Window (Lewis)
  • Changes (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Lazy Me (Mosley)
  • Indifference (Spence)
  • Looper (Lewis)
  • Sweet Ride (Lewis/Miller/Mosley/Spence/Stevenson)
  • Bitter Wind (Mosley)
  • The Place and the Time (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Rounder (Spence)
  • Miller's Blues (Miller)
  • Changes (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Hey Grandma (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Omaha (Spence)
  • Big (Miller/Stevenson)
CD 2;
  • Skip's Song (Spence)
  • You Can Do Anything (Spence)
  • Murder in My Heart for the Judge (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Bitter Wind (Mosley)
  • Can't Be So Bad (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Just Like Gene Autry: A Foxtrot (Spence)
  • He (Lewis)
  • Motorcycle Irene (Spence)
  • Funky-Tunk (Spence)
  • Rose Colored Eyes (Mosley)
  • If You Can't Learn from Your Mistakes (Lewis)
  • Ooh Mama Ooh (Miller/Stevenson)
  • Ain't That a Shame (Lewis/Miller/Stevenson)
  • Trucking Man (Mosley)
  • Captain Nemo (Miller/Stevenson)
  • What's to Choose (Lewis)
  • Going Nowhere (Miller/Stevenson)
  • I Am Not Willing (Lewis)
  • It's a Beautiful Day Today (Mosley)
  • Right Before My Eyes (Lewis)
  • Truly Fine Citizen (Deli'Ara/Dell'Ara)
  • Hoochie (Mosley)
  • Soul Stew (Mosley)
  • Seeing (Spence)

  • Peter Lewis - guitar, vocals
  • Jerry Miller - guitar, vocals
  • Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
  • Skip Spence - guitar, drums, vocals
  • Don Stevenson - guitar, drums, vocals

  • Original producer - David Rubinson (all tracks except Right Before My Eyes and Truly Fine Citizen)
  • Original producer - Bob Johnston (Right Before My Eyes and Truly Fine Citizen)
  • Compilation producer - Bob Irwin
  • Mixing, remastering - Vic Anesini
  • Additional digital transfers - Larry Keyes
  • Project director - Adam Block
  • Design - Spark Design Inc
  • Packaging manager - Hope Chasin
  • Photos courtesy - Sony Music Photo Library, Jim Marshall
  • Special thanks to - Jerry Miller, Peter Lewis, Don Stevenson, Skip Spence, Bob Mosley, David Rubinson, Don DeVito, Amy Herot, Vicki Petrella, Mary Irwin, Gail Tolstoi
  • Liner notes - David Fricke
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The tracks on this compilation are from the following sources.

Hey Grandma, Mr. Blues, Fall on You, 8:05, Come in the Morning, Omaha, Naked If I Want To, Someday, Ain't No Use, Sitting by the Window, Changes, Lazy Me and Indifference were originally released on;

Rounder - previously unreleased instrumental, March 1967

Looper - audition version, January 1967

Sweet Ride - previously unreleased, August 1967

Bitter Wind and The Place and the Time - previously unreleased alternate versions, August 1967

Rounder, Miller's Blues and Changes - live recordings, 1968

Hey Grandma and Omaha - single versions, April 1967

Big - previously unreleased, August 1968

Skip's Song and You Can Do Anything - previously unreleased demos, November 1967

Murder in My Heart for the Judge, Bitter Wind, Can't Be So Bad, Just Like Gene Autry: A Foxtrot, He, Motorcycle Irene, Funky-Tunk and Rose Colored Eyes were originally released on;

If You Can't Learn from Your Mistakes - previously unreleased solo version by Peter Lewis, May 1968

Ooh Mama Ooh, Ain't That a Shame, Trucking Man, Captain Nemo, What's to Choose, Going Nowhere, I Am Not Willing, It's a Beautiful Day Today, Hoochie and Seeing were originally released on;

Right Before My Eyes and Truly Fine Citizen were originally released on; Soul Stew - previously unreleased, June 1968

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