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West Coast

Various Artists

Initial release : 1980


This compilation includes two tracks by John Cipollina, two tracks by Terry And The Pirates featuring John Cipollina, and two tracks by Nick Gravenites probably featuring John Cipollina.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • A Southern California Drive - Chris Darrow
  • Junkyard in Malibu - Nick Gravenites
  • Montana Eyes - Terry & The Pirates
  • Two Triple Cheese - Commander Cody
  • Rock and Roll Nurse - John Cipollina
  • Southside - Nick Gravenites
  • Inlaws and Outlaws - Terry & The Pirates
  • I Saw You - Chris Darrow
  • Night Song - David LaFlamme
  • Unvicious Circle - John Cipollina
Related releases

Montana Eyes and Inlaws And Outlaws were originally released on;

Rock and Roll Nurse and Unvicious Circle were originally released on;
  • Raven, John Cipollina, 1980
Junkyard In Malibu and Southside were originally released on;
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