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What Is Hip

Tower Of Power

Initial release : 2006


A CD Tower Of Power compilation of tracks from Warner Brothers albums.


  • What Is Hip? (Castillo / Garibaldi / Kupka)
  • Can't You See (You're Doin' Me Wrong) (Castillo / Kupka / Williams)
  • Just Enough and Too Much (Biner / Castillo / Kupka)
  • This Time It's Real (Barlett / Castillo / Kupka)
  • Down to the Nightclub (Castillo / Garibaldi / Kupka)
  • It's Not the Crime (Castillo / Kupka)
  • The Soul of a Child (Castillo / Conte / Kupka)
  • Will I Ever Find a Love? (Castillo / Kupka)
  • Oakland Stroke (Castillo / Garibaldi / Kupka)
  • So Very Hard to Go (Castillo / Kupka
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Down To The Nightclub from;

What Is Hip?, This Time It's Real, Will I Ever Find A Love? and So Very Hard To Go from; Can't You See and Oakland Stroke from; It's Not The Crime from; Just Enough And Too Much and The Soul Of A Child from;
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