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White Elephants and Golden Ducks

Enchanting Musical Treasures From Burma

Various Artists

Initial release : 1997

Shanachie 64087

This recording was mastered by David Gans.

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  • Chit Kyoo Thwe Tog Nyin Hmar Lar (Will You Accept My Love or Not?)
  • Mingala Thiri (Prosperous Majesty)
  • Sabe (Jasmine Flower)
  • Phu Pwae Lat Tin (The Hug)
  • Chauk Lon Bat Let Swan Pya (Improvisation on Chauk Lon Bat Drums)
  • AR Kar Na Ban (Heavenly Space)
  • Shwe Soan Nyo (Golden Brown Hawk)
  • De Pya Ne Pya (One Penny Two Pennies)
  • Hylat Pan Khway Nwe (Powerful King of Thunder and Lightning)
  • Shew Kyet Kel Han Chi (Jaunty Air of the Cook)
  • Kyar Chi Yan (Waiting for the Beloved King At The Royal Bed)
  • Thabyay Ywet Yi (Auspicious Leaves the Sign of Victory)
  • Nan Bhon Thi Har Bway (Distinguished Palace for Royalty)
  • Kyay Say Ta Mann (Messenger Dove)
  • Seit Kuu Yin Ah Hla (Dreaming of Beauty)
  • Mya Man Giri (Palace at Mandalay Hill)

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  • Producer, liner notes, photography - Rick Heizman
  • Associate producer, mixing - Henry Kaiser
  • Mastering - David Gans
  • Design - Joan Pelosi