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Whys Ain't Supposed to Be: The Autumn Sessions

The Mojo Men

Initial release :1996

Sundazed 11028

A compilation of singles and unreleased tracks recorded for Autumn Records during the early part of the groups career.

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  • Something Bad (Alaimo/Curcio/Stewart)
  • She's My Baby (Alaimo/Curcio/Stewart/Stone)
  • My Woman's Head (Alaimo/Curcio/Stewart)
  • The New Breed (Alaimo/Curcio/Stewart)
  • Dance With Me (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Off the Hook (Jagger/Richards)
  • Why Can't You Stay (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Fire in My Heart (Curcio)
  • As I Get Older (Alaimo/Curcio/Stewart)
  • Wmex Radio Spot: Mojo Men Day!
  • Mama's Little Baby (Ventura)
  • Oh Misery (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Lost Love (Alaimo/Curcio/Metchick)
  • Why Can't You Stay (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Girl Won't You Go on Home (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Cry Baby (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Everything I Need (Curcio)
  • She Goes With Me (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Free as a Bird (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Loneliest Boy in Town (Alaimo/Curcio)
  • Fire in My Heart (Curcio)

  • Jim Alaimo - bass, vocals
  • Paul Curcio - guitar, vocals
  • Dennis DeCarr - drums, vocals
  • Don Metchick - keyboards

  • Engineer - Leo de GarKulka, John Haeny
  • Remastering, remixing - Bob Irwin, Chris Athens
  • Design - Janet Atkins
  • Liner Notes - Jud Cost
  • Photography - Steve Besch, Clark Besch, Paul Curcio
Related releases

Six of the tracks on this collection had originally been released on singles;

  • Off The Hook / Mama's Little Baby, The Mojo Men, 1965, Autumn 11
  • Dance With Me / Loneliest Boy In Town, The Mojo Men, 1965, Autumn 19
  • She's My Baby / Fire In My Heart, The Mojo Men, 1966, Autumn 27
The remaining tracks are previously unreleased.