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Peter Rowan and The Wild Stallions

Peter Rowan and the Wild Stallions

Initial release : 1982

Appaloosa 016

Recorded in the US but released on the Italian Appaloosa label.

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  • I Can't Get Mellow (Rowan / Mason / Kafka)
  • The Hotter She Burns (Rowan)
  • Fool Myself Again (Roberts / Rowan)
  • Baby Let's Play House (Gunter)
  • Call It Love (Rowan)
  • A Woman in Love (Rowan)
  • Cries of Love (Rowan)
  • Refugee (Rowan)
  • Sheila (Roe)
  • Rendezvous (Rowan)
  • Primavera Dell'amore (Rowan)

  • Peter Rowan - guitar, mandola, lead vocals
  • Jon Sholle - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Roger Mason - bass, vocals
  • Barry Lazarowitz - drums, percussion
  • Kenny Kosek - fiddle (on Rendezvous and Call It Love), piano (on Primavera Dell'Amore)
  • Andy Statman - saxophone (on Refugee), mandolin (on Primavera Dell'Amore)
  • Steve Burgh - electric guitar (on Fool Myself Again, A Woman In Love, Cries Of Love and Refugee)
  • Larry Packer - strings (on Fool Myself Again)
  • Harvey Shapiro - pedal steel guitar
  • Peter Blue - piano (on Call It Love and Rendezvous)
  • David Berger - horns (on Fool Myself Again)
  • Claude Demers - accordion (on Primavera Dell'Amore)
  • Donalyn Petrucci - vocals (on Fool Myself Again, Refugee, Rendezvous and Primavera Dell'Amore)
  • Michael Holleman - vocals (on I Can't Get Mellow and Sheila)

  • Producer, arranger - Roger Mason
  • Execuitive producer- Franco Ratti
  • Recording engineer - Claude Demers
  • Assistant engineer - Jorge Silva-Biotti
  • Mixing engineer - Paul Wickliffe III
  • Pre-master tape prepared by - Paul Wickliffe III, Steve Burgh, Roger Mason
  • Front cover photography - Christopher Beckman
  • Back cover photography - James Griffen
  • Cover art - Pick Up Studios
  • Special thanks to "Judith's Jukes"
  • Recorded at at Blue Marble Studios, NY
  • Mixed at Blue Marge [sic] except Fool Myself Again, mixed at Skyline Studios, NY
  • Pre-master tape prepared at Skyline Studios, NY.