Joni Mitchell: Woman of Heart and Mind

Joni Mitchell

Initial release : 2003

PBS American Masters

Three small segments of interviews with Eric Andersen are included on this video.


A documentary that chronicles the life and music of Joni Mitchell from her childhood through to the time of the making of the film. Includes interviews with Joni Mitchell and friend and musical colleagues plus concert footage.

The DVD section titles indicate the contents of the documentary

  • Childhood/Beginnings
  • First Record/Carnegie Hall/Woodstock
  • Romance with Graham Nash/Creative Process
  • Blue/Retreat/Transformation
  • New Musical Languages/Painting
  • Marriage and Divorce/Social Commentary/Honors
  • Full Circle
The DVD includes extra concert footage (Big Yellow Taxi, Amelia, Hejira and Woodstock), a photo gallery and a discography.

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