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You Got Yours! East Bay Garage 1965-1967

Various Artists

Initial release : 2007

Big Beat 268

A collection of 24 tracks by garage bands from the East Bay area . This compilation is part of the Big Beat series Nuggets From The Golden State. Includes songs by the Baytovens, the Shillings, Peter Wheat & The Breadmen, Harbinger Complex and The Immediate Family.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and musicians on this compilation are;

  • Waiting For You - The Baytovens
  • Baby What's New - Peter Wheat & The Breadmen
  • Tomorrow's Soul Sound - The Harbinger Complex
  • I'm Gonna Be Gone - The Just Six
  • It's Up To You - The Shillings
  • Her Heart Said No - The Blue Lite Conspiracy
  • My House - The Baytovens
  • You Got Yours - The Us Male
  • Sometimes I Wonder - The Harbinger Complex
  • Bo Said - The Just Six
  • Humpty Dumpty - The Epics
  • You're Gonna Cry - The Donnybrookes
  • Who Stole The Batmobile - The Gotham City Crime Fighters
  • Not The Least Bit True - The Shillings
  • Get Out Of My Eye - The Soul Vendors
  • Luv Look Away - The Baytovens
  • Dynosaur - The Flintrocks
  • I'm Feeling Good - The Bristol Boxkite
  • You're Takin' Hold Of Me - The Immediate Family
  • Away Girl - The Towaway Zone
  • Gotta Find A New Love - The Spyders
  • Look At The Sun - The Gants
  • Such A Fool - The Baytovens
  • Where I Belong - The Daytrippers

  • Compilation, archive research, liner notes - Alec Palao
Related releases

Two of the Baytovens tracks were originally released on a single;

  • Waiting For You / Such A Fool, The Baytovens, 1967, Belfast 67-1001
The Peter Wheat & The Breadmen track was originally released on a single;
  • All The Time / Baby What's New, Peter Wheat and The Breadmen, 1966, Amber 6657
The two Harbinger Complex tracks were originally released on a single;
  • Sometimes I Wonder / Tomorrow's Soul Sound, Harbinger Complex, 1966, Amber 8999
One of the Shillings tracks were originally released on a single;
  • Not The Least Bit True / It Was My Mistake, The Shillings, 1965, Fantasy 594
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