Book Of Rules
Composer: Harry Johnson, Barry Llewellyn

Book Of Rules has been performed Bobby and The Midnites, Kingfish and Ratdog.

Writing credits for the song are usually Johnson and Llewellyn. Barry Llewellyn was a member of the Heptones and sang lead vocals on their recordings of Book Of Rules. Harry Johnson was a musician, record producer and owner in the 1970's of the famous Harry J Studio in Jamaica. Some recordings credit Barry Llewellyn, Earl Morgan and Leroy Sibbles who were the members of the Heptones when they first recorded the song in 1973.

Book of Rules is partly based on the poem A Bag Of Tools by R. L. Sharpe.

The Heptones

info Book of Rules, The Heptones, 1973
no info Single (Book of Rules / Book Of Rules), The Heptones, 1973
info Night Food, The Heptones, 1976
no info Rockers Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1980
no info Smile Jamaica, Various Artists, 1983
info Swing Low, The Heptones, 1985
no info 22 Golden Hits, The Heptones, 1986
no info Groove Yard, Various Artists, 1989
no info Jammin' Rap, Various Artists, 1989
no info This Is Reggae Music, Various Artists, 1989
no info 20 Golden Hits, The Heptones, 1992
no info The Roots of Reggae, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1993
no info Shark Records: In The Belly of the Whale, Various Artists, 1994
no info This Is Reggae, Various Artists, 1998
no info Homegrown Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1998
info Totally Hep: The Best of the Heptones, The Heptones, 2001
no info Night Food Inna Party Time, The Heptones, 2001
no info The Reggae Box, Various Artists, 2001
no info Cool Rasta, The Heptones, 2002
info Peace & Harmony: The Trojan Anthology, The Heptones, 2004
no info Deep in the Roots, The Heptones, 2004
info War Ina Babylon: An Island Reggae Anthology, Various Artists, 2009
no info Barry Myers Presents Scratchy Sounds (Ska, Dub, Roots & Reggae Nuggets), Various Artists, 2009

Other recordings

no info Move It On Up, G T Moore the Reggae Guitars, 1980
no info Single, King Sounds & The Israelites, 1980
no info There Is A Reward, King Sounds & The Israelites, 1981?
no info Single (Book of Rules / Allamanna), Desmond Dekker, 1982
no info Jammin', Various Artists (Owen Gray), 1989
no info Best of Inner Circle, Inner Circle, 1995
no info Da Bomb, Inner Circle, 1997
no info Reggae Rockers, Willie Lindo & The Reggae Brothers, 1999
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no info Big in Jamaica: The Best of Inner Circle With Jacob Miller, Inner Circle & Jacob Miller, 2000
no info Super Best, Inner Circle, 2000
no info Essential Reggae, Various Artists (Inner Circle), 2002
no info Da Covers: It's Da New Best, Inner Circle, 2003
no info Forward Jah Jah Children, Inner Circle, 2004
no info Sweat: The Best of Inner Circle, Inner Circle, 2004
no info Dat: The Best of Pluto Shervington, Pluto Shervington, 2004
no info You Can Get It If You Really Want: The Definitive Collection, Desmond Dekker, 2005
no info Greatest Hits, Inner Circle, 2005
no info Out of the Shadows, Phantom Blues Band, 2006
no info Compass Point, Desmond Dekker, 2006 (CD bonus track)
no info Everyday, Ten Feet, 2008
no info Here I Am, Lukie D, 2008

Bobby and The Midnites

info Bobby And The Midnites, Bobby And The Midnites, 1981

Ratdog live recordings

info Santa Rosa, CA, June 9, 2006
info Milwaukee, WI, July 6, 2006
info New York, NY, July 13, 2006
info Atlantic City, NJ, August 18, 2006
info Geneva NY, October 30, 2006
info Utica NY, November 4, 2006
info Jacksonville FL, November 14, 2006
info Portland OR, February 16, 2007
info Syracuse NY, March 2, 2007
info Boston MA, March 13, 2007
info Asheville NC, March 23, 2007
info San Francisco CA, April 22, 2007
info Lincoln RI, July 11, 2007
info Chicago IL, July 19, 2007
info San Diego CA, July 27, 2007
info Hampton Beach NH, October 26, 2007
info St. Louis, MO, March 24, 2008
info Jacksonville, OR, July 6, 2008
info Negril, Jamaica, January 31, 2009
info Salt Lake City, UT, August 29, 2009
info Negril, Jamaica, January 26, 2010

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