Casey Jones

Composer: Traditional

Grateful Dead

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This traditional song occurs in various forms and with various names - most recordings are titled simply Casey Jones. However as the Grateful Dead have their own Casey Jones song the title The Ballad Of Casey Jones is nearly always used on Dead related lists and tapes to describe this traditional song.

Furry Lewis recording as Kassie Jones Part 1 and Part 2.

The story is based on a real train wreck that occurred in April 1890 in which the driver John Luther Jones died.

There have been many adaptations and parodies of Casey Jones. Notable examples include Joe Hill's Casey Jones The Union Scab which starts;

The workers on the S. P. Line to strike sent out a call
But Casey Jones the engineer, he wouldn't strike at all
His boiler it was leaking and his drivers on the bum
And his engine and his bearings, they were all out of plumb
Casey Jones kept his junk pile running
Casey Jones was working double time
Casey Jones got a wooden medal
For being good and faithful on the S. P. Line
And Casey Jones The Miner;

Come all you muckers and gather here
If you want to hear the story of a miner dear
Casey Jones was the miner's name
On a Burleigh machine he won his fame

Casey Jones was a ten day miner
Casey Jones was a ten day man
Casey Jones took a chance to many
And now he's mining in the promised land