Everybody Loves Saturday Night
Composer: Traditional

Possibly performed by Jerry Garcia in his early pre-Dead years. In an interview Marshall Leicester spoke about first meeting Garcia:
In the summer of 1961, I came back from college and I walked into Kepler's and saw this guy playing a 12-string guitar. What I remember hearing is that song 'Everybody Loves Saturday Night.' In general, the picking in those days was sort of somewhere between Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio. I asked to see his guitar and struck up a conversation… I knew how to do a kind of Elizabeth Cotten pick that was a technical challenge to him. Once I showed him how to do it, he picked it up in nothing flat.
The song is also sometime called Bobo Waro Fero Satodeh and sometimes just Saturday Night.

The origins of the song are unclear but it appears to have been first performed as a protest song in Nigeria in the 1940s. There have been many versions in many languages and often many credited composers. The song was popularised in the US by Pete Seeger who enlarged the English language version of the song by adding verses in other languages.


This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

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