Fun, Fun, Fun

Composer: Brian Wilson / Mike Love


Single, Beach Boys, 1964
Shut Down, Vol. 2, Beach Boys, 1964
Beach Boys Concert, Beach Boys, 1964
Beach Boys Songbook, The Surfsiders, 1965
Draggin' and Surfin', The Jalopy Five, 1965
The Beach Boys In Concert, Beach Boys, 1972
Now and Then, The Carpenters, 1973
Beach Boys: An American Band: Soundtrack, Beach Boys, 1985
Good Music, Joan Jett, 1988
Jan and Dean Story, Jan and Dean, 1988
Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys, Beach Boys, 1993


First released by the Beach Boys in February 1964 as a single with Why Do Fools Fall In Love on the B-side.