Heads Up
Composer: Freddie King / Sonny Thompson

The instrumental Heads Up was performed by the Grateful Dead in 1966.

Note that on early Freddie King recordings his name is given as Freddy King. After approximately 1969 his name is given as Freddie King. In the list below the spelling on the recording cover or label has been used when possible.

Freddie King

info Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with, Freddy King, 1961
no info Single (If You Believe (In What You Do) / Heads Up), Freddy King, 1962
info Goes Surfin', Freddy King, 1963
no info Just Pickin, Freddy King, 1989
no info All His Hits, Freddy King, 1995
no info The Very Best of, Vol. 1, Freddy King, 2002
no info Blues Guitar Hero, Vol. 2, Freddy King, 2002
info Taking Care of Business: 1956-1973, Freddie King, 2009

Other recordings

no info Surf City, The Lively Ones, 1963
no info Single (Mustang / Heads Up), The Pace-Setters, 1964
no info Hang Five!!! The Best of, The Lively Ones, 1995
no info I Won't Worry, Danny Morris, 1996
no info Heads Up: The Best of, The Lively Ones, Vol. 2, 1999
no info Instrumentals in the Key of ... Boss!!, The Sir Finks, 2000
no info Surf City/Surfin' South of the Border, The Lively Ones, 2004
no info Noche De Blues, Durazno de Gala, 2004
no info Blues You Can't Disguise, Hurricane Jerry and Stormfront, 2009
no info 1960-1965, The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna, 2009

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