I and I

Composer: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

info Infidels, Bob Dylan, 1983
info Real Live, Bob Dylan, 1984
info Infidels / Oh Mercy / Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan, 2001
info Collection Vol. 3: Blonde on Blonde/Blood on the Tracks/Infidels, Bob Dylan, 2005
info Empire Burlesque / Infidels, Bob Dylan, 2011


The Dungeon Tapes, Zimmermen, 1996
May Your Song Always Be Sung: The Songs Of Bob Dylan, Vol. 3, Various Artists (Stephen Keene), 2003
info Is It Rolling Bob? A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan, Various Artists, 2004 (remixed)
info Is It Rolling Bob? Dub Versions, Various Artists, 2005 (remixed)