La Grange

Composer: Frank Beard / Billy Gibbons / Dusty Hill


Tres Hombres, ZZ Top, 1973
The Best of ZZ Top, ZZ Top, 1977
Tres Hombres/Fandango, ZZ Top, 1987
Six Pack, ZZ Top, 1987
Greatest Hits, ZZ Top, 1992
Crazy Backwards Alphabet, Crazy Backwards Alphabet, 1992
Armageddon Soundtrack, Various Artists (ZZ Top), 1998
Double Shot of Blues, Various Artists (ZZ Top), 2001
Dock Rock, Various Artists (ZZ Top), 2002
Dogtown and Z-Boys Soundtrack, Various Artists (ZZ Top), 2002
Chrome, Smoke & BBQ: The ZZ Top Box, ZZ Top, 2003
Classic Scotty, Scotty Anderson, 2003