Let's Stick Together

Composer: Wilbert Harrison

Bob Dylan

info Down In The Groove, Bob Dylan, 1988


Let's Stick Together
Single, Wilbert Harrison, 1962
Party Down, Little Beaver, 1975
Let's Stick Together, Bryan Ferry, 1976
Lovin' Operator, Wilbert Harrison, 1985
Street Life: 20 Greatest Hits, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, 1986
Let's Stick Together EP, Bryan Ferry, 1988
Ultimate Collection, Bryan Ferry, 1988
Fire/Fury Records Story, Various Artists (Wilbert Harrison), 1993
63 Hits from the Sensational Seventies, Various Artists (Wilbert Harrison), 1993
In the Air Tonight: Virgin's Greatest Hits, Various Artists (Bryan Ferry), 1994
Hits from the 70's, Various Artists (Wilbert Harrison), 1995
The Best Glam Rock Album in the World Ever, Various Artists (Bryan Ferry), 1998
More Than This: The Best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music, 1999
Relax!: The Ultimate 80's Mix, Vol. 2, Various Artists (Bryan Ferry), 1999
A Tribute to Roxy Music: More for Your Pleasure, Various Artists (Paper Parrot), 1999
The Fire and Fury of Bobby Robinson, Various Artists (Wilbert Harrison), 2000
Greatest Hits of the 70's, Various Artists (Bryan Ferry), 2000
Complete Collection, Various Artists (Bryan Ferry), 2001

Let's Work Together
Single, Wilbert Harrison, 1970

Other recordings using the title Let's Work Together will be added shortly.


Originally released in 1962 by Harrison using the title Let's Stick Together. A revamped version, with the title Let's Work Together, was released in 1970.

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