Man In The Long Black Coat

Composer: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

info Oh Mercy, Bob Dylan, 1989
info Infidels / Oh Mercy / Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan, 2001
info Q: Bob Dylan, Vol 3: Desire/Oh Mercy/Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan, 2002
info The Collection: Oh, Mercy/Time Out of Mind/Love and Theft, Bob Dylan, 2004
info Heroes: Original Soundtrack, Various Artists, 2008


no info Relish, Joan Osborne, 1995
info Doin' Dylan 2, Various Artists (Joan Osborne), 2002
info Floater, Jewels and Binoculars, 2004
info Swamp Dylan, Swamp Dylan, 2005
info I'm Not There Soundtrack, Various Artists (Mark Lanegan), 2007
info Man in the Long Black Coat: Sings Bob Dylan, Barb Jungr, 2011
info Younger Than That Now, Various Artists (Sarah Dean), 2011