Throw Out The Life Line

Composer: Edwin Ufford


Norfolk Jazz Quartet / Norfolk Jubilee Quartet, 1925
The Southern Plantation Singers, 1928
Patterson Singers, 1951
Sallie Martin Singers, 1951
Brighten The Corner, Ella Fitzgerald, 1967
The Best of Ella Fitzgerald, Ella Fitzgerald, 1993
Throw Out the Lifeline, Sallie Martin Singers w/ Cora Martin, 1993
Live...A Celebration Of Praise, O'Landa Draper & The Associates Choir, 1994
The Best of the O'Neal Twins, The O'Neal Twins, 1995
Stand up 2: a Collection of America's Greatest Gospel Songs, Various Artists (O'landa Draper And The Associates Choir), 1995
Everything Will Be Alright, Rev. Clay Evans & Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, 1996
Tiny Tim's Christmas Album, Tiny Tim, 1996
Black vocal groups, Vol 5, 1923-1941), Various Artists (The Southern Plantation Singers), 19??
I Do Believe, Burl Ives, 19??
Spirit, The Garcia Project, 2020


Words and music written by Edwin Smith Ufford in 1888 supposedly after being inspired by observing a life saving drill at Point Allerton, near Boston, MA. The music was subsequently arranged by George Coles Stebbins in 1890.

Nov 2003