Whiskey In The Jar
Composer: Traditional

Rehearsed by the Grateful Dead in 1993 but never performed live. Played by Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Robert Hunter, The Dead, Further, Phil & Friendsand Bob Weir & Wolf Bros.

The origins of the song are uncertain. It's possible it slowly coalesced from a number of different Irish songs. There are many versions of the song with differences in titles, lyrics and geographical references. Titles for related songs include: Kilgary Mountain, Gilgary Mountain, (and other mountain names), The Irish Robber, Captain Kelly, Captain Devin, The Sporting Hero, Bold Lovell and Peter Fleming.

Whiskey In The Jar was popularised by the Dubliners and the Highway in the 1960's and later by Thin Lizzy.

Grateful Dead

info So Many Roads (1965-1995), Grateful Dead, 1999

Jerry Garcia

info Shady Grove, Garcia/Grisman, 1996
info Jerry Garcia: The Collected Artwork: Limited Edition CD, JGB / Grateful Dead / Garcia-Grisman, 2005
info Jerry Garcia: The Collected Artwork: Collectors Edition CD, Jerry Garcia Band / Grateful Dead / Garcia-Grisman, 2007
info Shady Grove: Deluxe Edition, Garcia/Grisman, 2020

The Dead

info Dead '09: Denver, CO, May 7, 2009


info March 17, 2011, Fairfax, VA

Phil & Friends

info February 28, 2016, Las Vegas, NV, 2016

Other recordings

This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

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