You Enjoy Myself
Composer: Trey Anastasio

You Enjoy Myself was performed by Phil Lesh when sitting in with Phish on September 17, 1999.

The song was first performed by Phish in 1985 and first released on the 1986 cassette Phish.

Phish recordings

no info Phish (aka The White Tape), Phish, 1986
no info A Live One, Phish, 1995
no info Stash, Phish, 1996
info Live Phish, Vol. 07, Phish, 2002
info Live Phish, Vol. 09, Phish, 2002
info Live Phish, Vol. 11, Phish, 2002
info Live Phish, Vol. 14, Phish, 2002
info Live Phish, Vol. 15, Phish, 2002
no info IT (DVD), Phish, 2004
info New Year's Eve 1995: Live at Madison Square Garden, Phish, 2005
no info Colorado '88, Phish, 2006
info Vegas 96, Phish, 2007
info At The Roxy, Phish, 2008
no info The Complete Bakerís Dozen, Phish, 2018

At the time of writing Phish have played You Enjoy Myself over 600 times at shows. It can therefore be found on many of the Phish concert recordings that are available via the LivePhish website.

Other recordings

no info Still Phishin': A Bluegrass Tribute To Phish Vol. 2, Various Artists (Dennis Caplinger), 2002
no info Forever Phishin': The Bluegrass Tribute To Phish Volumes 1 & 2, Various Artists (Dennis Caplinger), 20003
no info The String Quartet Tribute To Phish, The String Quartet, 2004

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