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The Very Best Of Orpheus


Initial release : 2001

Varese 066236

A single CD compilation that includes tracks from the four Orpheus LPs.


  • Can't Find the Time (Arnold)
  • I've Never Seen Love Like This (Arnold/Gulliksen)
  • Walk Away Renee (Brown/Calilli/Sansone)
  • To Touch Our Love Again (Arnold/Gulliksen)
  • Joyful (Arnold/Gulliksen)
  • By the Size of My Shoes (Weiss/Williams)
  • Congress Alley (Martin)
  • I'll Stay With You (Arnold/Gulliksen)
  • Me About You (Bonner/Gordon)
  • Brown Arms in Houston (Henry/Miller)
  • Never in My Life (Arnold)
  • I Can Make the Sun Rise (Arnold/Gulliksen)
  • I'll Fly (Arnold)
  • Just a Little Bit (Arnold)
  • Big Green Pearl (Martin)
  • Tomorrow Man (Martin)

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I've Never Seen Love Like This, Congress Alley, I'll Stay With You, Can't Find the Time and Never in My Life were originally released on; I'll Fly, Just a Little Bit and Walk Away Renee were originally released on; By the Size of My Shoes, Me About You, To Touch Our Love Again, Brown Arms in Houston, I Can Make the Sun Rise and Joyful were originally released on; Tomorrow Man and Big Green Pearl were originally released on; Though it's possible that some of the tracks are singles rather than album versions.

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