Berkeley In The Sixties

1999? (video), 2002 (DVD)


A 1990 documentary that mixes memories from student leaders from the University of California at Berkeley in the 60s with many clips of speeches, interviews, events and music from the period.

From the DVD:

"Through interviews with participants and archival footage, presents a history of Berkeley, California in the 1960s. Chronicles student participation in protest movements at the University of California, Berkeley, from the 1960 demonstration against the House Un-American Activities Committee in San Francisco to the 1969 People's Park confrontation. This film captures the decades events, the birth of the Free Speech Movement, civil rights marches, anti-Vietnam War protests, the counter-culture, the women's movement, and the rise of the Black Panthers. Dramatic archival footage interwoven with present-day interviews and 18 songs from the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, The Band, and the Jefferson Airplane."
Includes a brief clip of the Grateful Dead playing Viola Lee Blues.

The documentary is split into three parts:

  1. Confronting The University: The Free Speech Movement
  2. Confronting America : The Anti-War Movement
  3. Confronting History: The Counter-Culture Movement
  • Director - Mark Kitchell
  • Narrator - Susan Griffin
  • Editor - Veronica Selver
  • Director of photography - Stephen Lighthill

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