Feature film

This film includes the dialogue:

Canyon (played by Scott Bairstow) - I just need like 400 more bucks so I can buy a big bag of herb and meet my old lady sunshine in Reno. You know that's where the Dead played most of their smokinest shows, in Reno. I got this one bootleg from 1979 Reno where Jerry does like this 15 minute riff in Terrapin Station. Man, I can't believe Jerry's dead.

Danielle (Played by Jillian Armenante) - I know, I know, you can't believe Jerry's dead, it's so sad.

Canyon also wears a Grateful Dead t-shirt in one scene.

The movie was directed by Guy Ferland and stars Ron Eldard, David Strickland, Leslie Stefanson, Scott Bairstow, Nicky Katt and Jillian Armenante.

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