Bobby and the Midnites

Bobby and the Midnites


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Performance footage of a Bobby and the Midnites show in Switzerland.

The cover of this release says "filmed in Switzerland in 1984". Alex Allen has a copy of this video and notes that as Alphonso Johnson is on bass and that his song "Bahama Mama" is performed the likely date of the performance is no later than February 1983.

This performance was also subsequently released on laserdisc.

Songs performed include;

  • Festival
  • Youngblood
  • Me Without You
  • Salt Lake City
  • Easy To Slip
  • Bahamas Mama
  • I Found Love
  • Book of Rules
  • Drums Galore
  • Josephine
The musicians are;
  • Bob Weir - guitar and vocals
  • Billy Cobham - drums
  • Dave Garland - keyboard and saxophone
  • Bobby Cochran - guitar
  • Alphonso Johnson - bass
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