Feature film

1968 in theaters

Video release: 1996?

DVD release: 2006

This sixties film, starring Julie Christie and George C. Scott and directed by Richard Lester, includes a brief clip of the Grateful Dead performing. Garcia is also briefly seen in another scene.

The Grateful Dead appear briefly performing in a club near the end of the movie playing Viola Lee Blues. Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company also appear.

The Grateful Dead at the time of the film were;

  • Jerry Garcia
  • Pigpen
  • Bob Weir
  • Bill Kreutzmann
  • Phil Lesh
Credits for the film;
  • Leading roles - Julie Christie, George C. Scott, Richard Chamberlain
  • Director - Richard Lester
  • Producer - Don Devlin, Raymond Wagner
  • Screenwriter - Lawrence B. Marcus
  • Screenwriter / Adaptation - Barbara Turner
  • Cinematographer - Nicolas Roeg
  • Musical direction and supervision, Score composer - John Barry
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