Rock Bottom Remainders

Rock Bottom Remainders

Initial release : 1992


This video compilation includes a cover version of Ripple performed by the Rock Bottom Remainders - a band comprised primarily of people more noted for being writers than musicians.

Uncertain who performs on the tracks on the video. During the period that the video was made the following all performed with the group; Greil Marcus, Robert Fulghum, Roy Blount, Jr., Barbara Kingsolver, Dave Marsh, Stephen King, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Joel Selvin, Matt Groening, Tad Bartimus, Amy Tan and Kathi Goldmark.

The songs performed on the video include; Money, Nadine, Sea of Love, Louie Louie, Bye, Bye Love, Good Rockin' Tonight, Double Shot of My Baby's Love, Teen Angel, Take Out Some Insurance and Ripple.

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