Shadow Of The Invisible Man

Dose Hermanos

Initial release : 1999?

Grateful Dead Records 5072

Tom Constanten and Bob Bralove play the music and the images.

A DVD release which provide, according to the GDM publicity, 'A psychedelic adventure where both sound and picture are played from the keyboards of the Dose Brothers. Bralove and Constanten give you a view of the future where sound and image dance together so you can see every note they play, in their first studio recording.'

The tracks included are: Shadow Of The Invisible Man; Future Primitive; Alien's Alley; Crystal City; Heart Song; Darwin; Phazes; Seduction Of The Demons; Menage A Trois; Persistence Of memory; Urban Scrawl and Waltz Of The Autumn Moon

Additional features include additional tracks and personal commentary from Bralove and Constanten

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