Timeless Voices

at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine

The Gyuto Monks



The Gyuto Monks performing primarily from a concert at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, NYC in 1989. Part of the concert was a 'musical offering' to the monks from Mickey Hart, Philip Glass and Kitaro.

Originally broadcast in October 1989.

Credits for the film;

  • Producer - James R Donaldson III
  • Writer - Robert Tenzin Thurman
  • Narrator - Martin Sheen, Margot Kidder, Mickey Hart
  • Editor - Alex Radnoti with Ann Leslie Uzdavinis
  • Musical offering written and performed by - Mickey Hart, Philip Glass and Kitaro
  • Director of Photography - Robert Leacocok
  • Camera operators - Paul Gibson, Jeff Wayman, Chuck Clifton
  • Sound - Chat Gunter, John McCormick, Bill Wander, Jerry Bruck
  • Film to tape - Eli Friedman
  • Mix - Ken Hahn
  • Post production - Aerial Image