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A. B. Skhy Discography

A. B. Skhy were formed in Milwaukee, probably in 1968. They moved to San Francisco prior to recording their first album in 1969. The line-up of the group in early 1969 was Dennis Geyer (guitar, vocals), Howard Wales (keyboards), Jim Marcotte (bass) and Terry Andersen (drums, vocals). Toward the end of 1969 Wales and Andersen left the band and were replaced by Curly Cooke (guitar, vocals) and Rick Jaeger (drums, percussion). The new line-up recorded a second album. The group split up in 1970.

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A. B. Skhy albums

info A. B. Skhy, A. B. Skhy, 1969
info Ramblin' On, A. B. Skhy, 1970

A. B. Skhy singles

no info Camel Back / Just What I Need, A. B. Skhy, 1969, MGM 14086

Various artists compilations that include A. B. Skhy tracks

info The Core Of Rock, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1970
info Bay Blues Live In Concert, Various Artists, 1997

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