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The Grateful Dead Family Discography

Welcome to The Grateful Dead Family Discography, an ever-expanding discography of recordings related to the Grateful Dead and Bay Area music in the second half of the 1960's.

The Grateful Dead formed in 1965 and disbanded, after the death of Jerry Garcia, in 1995. During that period the band released more than 30 studio, live and compilation albums. Subsequently a continuing series of live recordings from the Dead's vault has been released.

The individual members of the band also performed and recorded in a variety of side groups and guest spots. The surviving members of the band have continued to perform and record since 1995.

The Grateful Dead ran their own record label in the mid-1970s and again from the late 1980s onward. Recordings have been funded from money raised by the Dead via the Rex Foundation. Recordings have been made in tribute to the Dead, dedicated to the Dead, or that simply give a small nod in their direction.

Many performers have recorded cover versions of Grateful Dead songs and of other songs written by members of the group.

It's the intention of this site to document these many strands of Dead-related recording activity.

The Grateful Dead were part of a flourishing music scene in the Bay Area in the second half of the sixties. Discographies of other groups and individuals from that period are included on the site. In addition there are pages about Bay Area venues in the late 1960's and a list of books about San Francisco in the 60s.

Discographies of musicians who have been closely associated with the Grateful Dead and groups that have included members of the Grateful Dead are also provided.

Additions, corrections and comments are welcome

Last updated November 2011